The Best Way to Drink Coffee

The Best Way to Drink Coffee

With the New Year starting and people going the gym to try to get in shape and being health conscious of what they eat and what is going into their body, we ask ourselves what the best and healthiest way of drinking our coffee. Before we answer that question here are a few reasons it could help you on your journey to being healthier and in better shape.

If you are struggling to find that energy to go to the gym but you really have made a choice that this is the year you get in shape why not try drinking a cup of coffee or espresso before going. The coffee will help boost your energy and help you focus when you are at the gym. If you are struggling to leave the house, put on gym clothes and just sit around with them on and have a cup of coffee and try to focus on the most joyful part of the gym. For some people, the most enjoyable part of going to the gym is pushing past what they thought they could, for other it is the extra energy it gives you to go on with the rest of your day, and for others, the most enjoyable part is leaving the gym. If the most enjoyable part is leaving the gym, that’s okay because as long as you go, you will eventually find something that will take the place of leaving as the most enjoyable part. But how does coffee help you asked? Coffee if the most natural pre-workout a person can consume because there are no added ingredients. Unless you choose to put creamer or sugar to your coffee but if you are just drinking black coffee, it is the most natural pre-workout. If you are wondering what a pre-workout is it is an energy boosting supplement often used for working out.

So if you are looking for the best way and healthiest way to drink a cup of coffee the answer is not with creamer or sugar. The best way to just have it black because you do not get those added calories. If you do not enjoy black coffee that okay you will eventually acquire the taste and actually learn to enjoy the taste of coffee. So if you are really looking for the best way to drink coffee, you can’t go wrong with just having a good old cup of black coffee or espresso.

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