The difference between coffee and espresso

The difference between coffee and espresso

Coffee for most of us has always been a thing of habit, we grew up watching our parents drink coffee which then led us to drink it as well. Most of us use it as a morning pick me up, and it works well. Other tend to use it as a pre-work so it can give them that extra energy when they are at the gym. Some tend to go for espresso instead of coffee but what is the difference between espresso and coffee?

Coffee is what is usually done at home with a coffee machine or a pot of hot water. The water is then heated and ran through the coffee ground, and the water infuses with the coffee and drips down into the coffee cup. The coffee beans tend to be loose and put on a filter to catch the bean residue. The filter is a benefit because it helps eliminate the residue making your coffee to be more enjoyable. Coffee is often the more traditional way to make coffee, and it serves as many as you want based on how much of the coffee ground you want to use, as well as, how much water your pot holds. Coffee is almost always weaker than a cup of espresso, it is very very rare to find a coffee cup that is stronger than espresso.

Espresso is a stronger form of coffee. It uses the same coffee beans the difference is in the way it is brewed. Espresso uses an espresso machine to brew it coffee. What the espresso machine does is it runs water through the coffee beans. The difference is that the coffee beans are compressed and packed into a pod shape. The coffee is also grounded to a finer finish to be able to compress them.  The water then runs through the compress coffee grounds with more force but slower. The water infuses with the coffee grounds and makes the espresso more concentrated. Espresso tends to be stronger because of the compressed coffee beans. Think about it this way if you pour water on top of a pile of racks the water strains easy but if you pour water down over a pile of sand. The water would likely take longer to strain and the water would the water would probably come out murkier.

That is what really set apart espresso from coffee, so if you are looking for something a little stronger than coffee you should try espresso. If you want something stronger but do not want to switch over to espresso remember if you are looking for something a little stronger to go with the light roast coffee. There are also a few other ways to brew as well for example cold brew, and there is the French press. French press and cold brew are also great ways to enjoy your coffee. It just comes down to what is your favorite all are excellent choices, and you do not have to settle for one style of brew why not have all.

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