The Hidden Benefits of Coffee Grounds

The Hidden Benefits of Coffee Grounds

Everyone knows that coffee can give you the energy to start your day, but not everyone knows that coffee has more benefits than just energy. When it comes to benefit, we could talk health, but we are going to talk about not so common benefits of coffee.


If you have ever grabbed a shirt or an item of clothing from the closet or dresser and notice the shirt or clothes have a bad odor to them; well putting the coffee ground in closet or dressers can help eliminate the smell of odors. Coffee grounds can also be placed in a refrigerator and will remove any bad odors from the fridge just like baking soda does.


If you love to garden, but you are having a hard time growing plant or veggies it could mean that the soil needs help. Before you go out and buy fertilizer why not try using coffee grounds as fertilizer. Coffee has nutrients that could help revitalize the soil to make it ideal for gardening. Not only will you be able to enjoy a cup of coffee but you will also be able to enjoy a beautiful garden and save money in the process.


If you are looking for a natural way to exfoliate, well then coffee grounds may be the way to go. Many types of all natural and even vegan options scrubs can be made using coffee grounds. There are lip scrubs, face scrubs, hand scrubs, and even full body scrubs. These can all be made using all natural ingredients and most you might already own.


If you are having a hard to time getting some of the grime off of your pot and pans and you have no more powdered cleanser, you could use coffee grounds as a replacement. Coffee grounds can be used to replace those powdered cleansers and help get that grime off of your dishes and pans. All you do is pour the coffee grounds on the pots or dishes use a little dish soap, and it will work just as good as the powdered cleansers. Not only will it help clean the dishes but it will also be gentle on your hands.

These are just a few of the hidden benefits of coffee grounds. So after you have enjoyed your delicious cup of coffee or espresso and before you throw away, your coffee pods make sure you save the grounds and put them to use.

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