The morning pick me up

The morning pick me up

If you struggle to get out of bed and you feel that you are not a morning person it could be because you are not getting enough sleep. If you are getting the recommended eight hours of and still are not feeling rejuvenated in the mornings, then you might want to move to coffee in the mornings because coffee is a natural energy booster. This should help you wake up and be more alert in the mornings. If you still feel sluggish make sure you are not drinking decaffeinated coffee because you are better off drinking water for the energy boost. Decaffeinated coffee is only useful if you enjoy the flavor of coffee, but you get way to jittery from regular coffee. If you are drinking regular coffee and you still feel sluggish try looking into the strength of the coffee you are using. A lot of people do not know that coffee comes in different strengths and this can make a huge difference because you may be drinking a coffee that is on the low end of the scale and not even know it and you may need something stronger. The strength of the coffee can also work the other way if you feel that coffee make you jittery you may be ingesting a coffee that is too strong for your body to handle.

If you are drinking the lighter roasted coffee beans because you think that has less caffeine and are feeling jittery then here is something that you need to know. The reason you are feeling jittery with a light roast is that light roast actually has more caffeine than the dark roast. This is something that not a lot of people know. People tend to think that it is the other way around that the dark roast is stronger but it is not. The reason the light roast is stronger is that the coffee beans are cooked for a shorter amount of time making the coffee not lose the strength in the cooking process. With the dark roast, they are cooked for a more extended amount of time, and that makes the bean lose more of the caffeine in the cooking process. So when choosing coffee or coffee beans do not assume that the light roast is weaker. Make sure you are selecting the right beans and not just basing you coffee decision on the color.

So if you are looking for that morning pick me up try a light roast because the strength is going to be higher than that of the dark roast. The light roast could really help you get your mornings going and could help you on your journey to being that morning person that your job or kids demand. It is common in people to struggle to wake it in the morning, so do not feel bad or that you are not a morning person just take a few seconds in the morning to make yourself that cup of Joe to help you face the day and the challenges it brings.

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